Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sighting Leadership #SAVMP

August 26 is the second anniversary of one of my life's biggest projects:  my wife and I committed to renovate our home.  Although we actually spent years planning, drafting, and creating the vision, August 26 was the day of no return.  We invited a bunch of friends and family to bring their tools and help us cut the roof off our house!  In 12 hours we physically removed half our home and began the real work of renovating.  I'm happy to say that after doing most of the work ourselves (except for a couple of trades we hired and a lot of friends and family assists) we have the home that we envisioned.
When I speak & teach I tend to use illustrations and metaphors.  My house project provides me with great material for leadership which I may weave into several posts.

Three things today:
1.  Sighting is the act of observing and watching.  We need a good sighting to direct our path.  In my house renovation my family used a PATH planning tool several years ago to create our vision.  Turns out that we have actually hit most of the dreams on that old Path.  When you are beginning a new project what is your sighting tool?  Are you starting in the right direction?

2.  All planning is just planning until you hit the Day of No Return.  Our roof razing day was one...nowhere to go but forward!  Do you have a Day of No Return in your project? How will you recognize it?

3.  You can't do it alone.  We didn't know how to build a house when we started but we found the right helpers.  As I read about  @gcourous creative idea for #SAVMP I recognized the help for a project that I have been thinking about for years - blogging.  Have you identified helpers for your project? 

In my role as an educational leader I think of ways that I can help the folks I work with in their journeys and projects.  How can I help them get their sights set, support them when they make that commitment and most importantly be the person who assists them on the journey?  Surprisingly I have found that by doing these types of things I am suddenly living in the home I envisioned.

Thanks to #SAVMP for this next project.  I'm looking forward to learning and leading!

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